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Dec 1, 2011

Make up types

You think that you need a bunch of make-up stylists to look good everyday? Why so? I think that every woman can look good if just try.
So if you don't no anything about make up, I had prepared a little lesson for you.

1. First your have to be very well cleaned and exfoliated (you should exfoliate your face at least 2 times a week).

2. Second - use moisturizer for face.
3. After the moisturizer, you can put a make-up base, the next is the concealer - if you need it, and after that you put the foundation, at the end is the powder. Remember - you should put special foundation on you eye area, because the skin around the eyes is very thin.

4. After all this it begins the funny part -  daily make up, party make up, evening make up and many more...
5. Here are some pics of daily make up - that means that you don't have to put lots of make-up. I prefer to use foundation, mascara and a lipstck on pale pink colo, because it fits the best with the color of my skin and color of my hair.You should try different combos of colors to see which is the best for you. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I love to micks golden and brown eyeshadows - I think that this is a very good combination for those who have brown eyes like me. The color of the eyes isn't the only think you should comform with, there're also the color of the skin and the color of the hair, and let's not mention that you can't go to work or school with a party make-up. So let's take a look at the pics below:

jac jagaciak | Tumblr
Day make up.jpg

Here we have a typical daily make up - no glitter, no excessive eyeshadows.
For this make up the make-up artist have used foundation color close to the skin color of the model (the color of the foundation should be as closer as it could be to the natural color of your skin, if necessary mix two foundation with a different color, but from same brand to get right for your skin color) the make up artist also used brown eye shadow to make green eyes of the model to stand out, lashes are highlighted with black mascara, the cheekbones are highlighted with pink-brown blush and finally the make up is finished with colorless lip gloss.
And miles to go before I sleep
Day make up.jpg

It is almost the same as the previous model, the difference is only in lip gloss, which is pale pink to highlight the natural color of the lips of the model. And here's how the same makeup with very little difference, can be used both brunette and the blonde.
 If you like to use little more colorful eyeshadows or lipstick, you should remember that, if you use that kind of eye shadows the lipstick should be in a neutral color, and vice versa. You can take a look at the pictures below

Day make up.jpg
Party make-up.jpg
makeup ♥
Perty make-up.jpg
Makeup from Spring Summer 2009 Catwalk | Fashion Allure
Party make-up.jpg

Well, we already talked about how to achieve a good basis for perfect makeup- or in other words for what is applied before the eye shadows, blush and lipstick. Now I will try to briefly explain how to be applied eye shadow. For starters let's talk about color. If you decide for example that today your make up will be in greyscale is good to know that you must use at least 2 shades of gray (or gray and white) and not more than 3 shades unless you are very skilled with the brush. Now let me tell you why you should not use less than two shades - but to your eyes do not look flat, ie when applying shadows should strive to respect the natural contours of the eyes. Since the eyes are convex and concave parts where makeup should keep, estestveite lines - where your eye is bright zpaknalo put shadows, where concave insert a darker color (not necessarily black). When you start to put shadows, first should to apply the lightest color across the eyelid (from lashes to brows) and only then mark out the eyes with the other shades. Tip - better shadows fade - not very aesthetic, where bright contrast between some of the colors you used.
Make up.jpg
That's all from me for now, if you have more questions just ask. :) :) :) Bye :) :) :)

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